Welcome to Bump City Music in Lake Havasu. Bump City Music started over 15 years ago and is Mohave Counties longest standing music shop. We pride our selves in providing high quality musical instruments at big box store prices. Being a small independent music store we can offer a more personal service and a local number that you can call with any questions.

Bump City Music carries all kinds of instruments including guitars, amps, basses, drums and much more. We have all the accessories and care taking products that you will need to keep your instrument in top quality condition for years to come. We also have a guitar technician on hand to fix any problems you may have with your instrument.

To top things off we offer a full 24 track recording studio that is both analog or digital depending on the sound you are going for.

Come down to Bumps City Music today and find your first guitar or just come by to talk shop.

(928) 680-0218